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Periodically survey the welfare of our staff

Periodically survey the welfare of our staff

Work-life balance and well-being Survey

In the autumn of 2014 we carried out a Work-life balance and wellbeing survey to gauge employee opinions and feelings about how being an employee of BMKFA affected their lives as a whole, inside and outside of their working life. The findings of this survey influenced improvements to many procedures.



Men’s health and well-being survey

As part of our ongoing and evolving engagement with partners around the Health & Wellbeing agenda, we linked up with Bucks County Council who are looking at developing appropriate tools to support those males most statistically at risk from developing or dealing with mental health issues.

Being involved means that we can learn from any outcomes and feed those into our occupational health support offered to our staff.

The survey took approximately 3 minutes to complete and was available to employees during October 2015



Making your working life simpler

The Authority is committed to improving its processes and procedures in order to make the working life of staff simpler.

In order to do this we need to identify what processes and procedures staff find frustrating to review these and identify simpler methods.

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