Green Watch host a group of home-educated children at Broughton Fire Station

An innovative approach to education

On Tuesday 2nd May, Green Watch from Broughton Fire Station and Christine Duncan, Community Safety Coordinator hosted a visit from 10 children and 6 parents. All the children are home educated and one of the parents had contacted us to request a visit, so we offered to carry out a KS1 education presentation. The children were primarily KS1 age group along with younger siblings. The visit was very successful and a further group of home educated children with parents will be visiting in June.

Green Watch delivered the KS1 education package to the children and parents, highlighting key elements like escape planning and Stop, Drop and Roll, and then showed the children round the fire engine. The children also had the opportunity to ‘help’ Apprentice FF Will Tyldesley operate the hose reel!

Both parents and children had lots of opportunity to ask questions and responded positively to the educational feedback:

Children were warmly welcomed and the team were super friendly and kind which left a great impression on the children. The team were very generous with their time and with the sharing of information. The children had a fabulous experience and both they and accompanying adults were very appreciative of the time and resources shared. All the children enjoyed it immensely and learned a great deal and were made to feel very welcome by the lovely Green Watch.

A programme of educational activity is now in the early planning stages for home educated children of all ages, to be held at Broughton Fire Station in the next school calendar year.

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