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Youth inclusion project hits Aylesbury Fire Station

Youth inclusion project hits Aylesbury Fire Station

New health and wellbeing initiative will provide evidence based outcomes.

In February the new BFRS scheme which aims to set the format for future youth health and wellbeing related engagement programmes called Embers launched.

Building on the success of the successful Buckingham station initiative Team Fire HOSE, the Embers framework will includes short questionnaires which the participants will fill in at strategic points over the duration of the programme to enable evidence based outcomes for assessment and audit.

Packaged in an easy to use format, ideal for any crew to pick up and use in their local community, the first Embers is being run by White Watch Aylesbury headed up by Watch Commander Barrie Ackerlay, who has put the scheme together. Barrie explains:

“Embers with The Grange will start on Monday 20 Feb 2017 and excitement is already building – we have just met the young people who have been chosen to launch this project, at a pre-meeting with their parents, teachers and headteacher, all of who have no doubt this has the potential to be great.

The idea behind Embers is to take young people from a secondary school environment and bring them onto station, where we can use our skills and knowledge to help them develop a variety of personal and teambuilding behaviours that will benefit them long-term.

The first programme, with 12 participants, will be run over six consecutive weeks, enabling each of the station’s four watches to get involved and will finish off with a passing out parade.

Over the six weeks topics such as first aid, circuit training, self-esteem, fire safety and communications will be addressed – all in the learning friendly atmosphere of the fire station. The participants will learn basic fire service drills, experience using fire service equipment and the necessary discipline that has to accompany this sort of work.

The idea for the scheme came from Buckingham’s Team Fire HOSE – I wanted to bring a similar scheme to the community of Aylesbury, and started to look into how we could build on their success.

Although loosely based on the previously mentioned programme, Embers is a standalone project which will enrich the lives of the 12 young people chosen by the school. The hope is that EMBERS will and can be rolled out into any school in the county and even other age groups and causes.

I believe that we have a great rapport with our community and we should use this unique relationship to give something back in the hope that fire stations once again become the centre of a community. All involved are committed to making this the best scheme that BFRS has ever delivered.”