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Community Safety Co-Ordinator receives letter of thanks

Community Safety Co-Ordinator receives letter of thanks

A letter of thanks has been received from Maggie Weston, Milton Keynes Macular Society Support Group Leader.

Hello Christine,

Once again everyone enjoyed your visit last week, we all learned from it and those of us who met you three years ago benefitted from revising how we can protect ourselves and what to do if a fire happens.

The red Goodpoint testing sticks were a great success – as soon as I got home I went round with mine and could reach each alarm with ease!

I am sure we shall be asking for another visit in the future.

With thanks and all good wishes.



Goodpoint smoke alarm testing sticks and other fire safety resources including smoke alarm testing cards were issued.  A good learning point from the event was how our Service needs to ensure literature is suitable for people with low vision. The Service will be looking to produce testing cards and some literature which meets the minimum font size 16, to support the needs of people living with low vision and sight loss.

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