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Community health and well-being

Community health and well-being

Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service are increasingly being seen by partners as positive and progressive allies in the drive to improve health and well-being amongst our communities. The Fire Service has created a prevention agenda which has driven down incident numbers successfully over the past decade and we can use those experiences to complement and support the work of other organisations which have traditionally concentrated their focus and resources on emergency response.

Our service has three main themes it can offer partners:

  1. Data – We have a large database of information relating to those most vulnerable members of society.
  2. Latent capacity – Our staff already visit thousands of homes per year to discuss fire safety. There are opportunities for our staff to widen their approach to talk to occupants about other risks while they are in those homes e.g. preventing falls in the home.
  3. Fire stations as community hubs – Our fire stations are generally in the middle of towns and villages, ideally located to provide a venue for other groups; either to deliver joint safety messages with partners or for other organisations to use for their own purposes.

The Fire Service is a trusted and respected ‘brand’; we have access to members of the public who would benefit from information and advice for their general health and well-being.

“Increasingly, we are working with Public Health, the NHS, Milton Keynes Council and Buckinghamshire County Council to identify where we can add most value to the communities we serve.”

-Richard Priest, Group Commander




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