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People and Organisational Development (POD) costs as a percentage of total staff costs


Up until 2015-16, a key trend being seen on this indicator was that of the People and Organisation Development (POD) costs falling year on year against total staff costs, which had also been reducing over the same periods. This has been positive news and achieved as a result of proactive restructuring. The outcome is that the directorate is now focusing on service improvements with a lean but skilled staffing structure.

In 2015-16 however, a number of savings bids and a projected reduction in staff numbers across the organisation, meant that this trend did not continue in our forecasts. It should be noted that much of the current administrative work in POD was not factored into the POD review outcomes in 2013-14 and has already added increased burden on the directorate.

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POD restructure in 2016-17 has resulted in the Performance and Evaluation department joining the directorate to form Operational Assurance, the outcome has caused the % to increase. POD will need to support significant levels of transformation in the 2015 to 2020 Public Safety Plan including Milton Keynes transformation and other area reviews, piloting new ways of working, provision of detailed SAP people data, designing new contracts, terms and conditions, and procedures to support the employee proposition and transformation. It is expected that this will impact on trend lines as the ratio of POD to rest of service will not continue to reduce at the same pace as it has in recent years.



Human Resource costs as a percentage of running costs, including and excluding L&D have both fallen in previous years, arguably without Human Resource cost reduction having been attained at the expense of learning and development – an area of key POD priorities.

Current projections for 2016-17 show that excluding Learning and Development, the percentage of Human Resource costs compared to organisational running expenses will increase, while learning and development areas will not being neglected.

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