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Training, learning and development framework

Training, learning and development framework

The Training, Learning & Development Framework details how to prepare all employees to carry out their roles effectively and safely. It has been designed to address core skills in line with station and departmental skills profiles, as well as issues identified from station risk profiles, to meet the Fire Authority’s legal duties and responsibilities.

A service wide Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is produced in consultation with department managers. Several factors are taken into account. These are:

  • Impact of legislation, existing and new, as well as other external influences and best practice.
  • Needs of the organisation and partners including other Fire & Rescue Services
  • Needs of individual stations or departments (risk profiles, etc.)
  • Needs of individuals (learning styles/needs, development programmes, etc.)

The Strategy is based upon the principles of the Fire Professional Framework [Competence Framework for the Fire Service], the Fire & Rescue Service National Framework and the National Occupational Standards, which have been developed in conjunction with Skills for Justice.

An example of the quarter 2 training report presented to the TSG is downloadable  HERE.

The Training, Learning & Development framework, and governance arrangements within it, ensure that there are no critical skill gaps and that we maintain optimal resilience across the service.

It is important to have an excellent variety of learning opportunities for employees. This is why we invest so much time and resources in analysing our training needs and providing the people, skills, technology and facilities to deliver. People learn in different ways, so by providing this blend we can ensure everyone gets the most out of each learning experience.

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