Leadership and management

The leadership and management programmes continue to provide an enhanced knowledge of managerial processes, techniques and skills for our future managers.

Additionally, this year a commitment from Senior Management Board (SMB) is to open every programme, with discussion around the importance of a shared organisational direction and the likely future of the Service as a key feature.


The learning outcomes from this programme are:

Participants will:

  • Gain greater self awareness and identify ways in which they can maximise their personal effectiveness as a first line manager
  • Assess their own leadership and management styles and discover how to obtain the best performance from their teams
  • Learn and be able to use relevant knowledge, tools and skills to successfully lead within BFRS (i.e. performance management, change management, delegation)
  • Develop a stronger network with peers and improve performance by breaking down work silos

8 programmes were scheduled to run in 2015/16.

Overall feedback from the first two programmes has been extremely positive.

A review of the programme evaluation forms completed by the delegates found that 15/20 strongly agreed that the learning from the course would help them become more effective in their job in the future and the remaining five agreed with this statement.

16/20 programme delegates strongly agreed with the statement  “I enjoyed completing this programme and would recommend it to others” and the remaining three delegates agreed with this statement.


Additional comments included:

My key learning was…

  • How to motivate and persuade people 
  • Leadership styles and when to apply them
  • My drivers at work, MBTI interpretation, how the leadership styles could be used
  • Effective ways to manage conflict and deliver feedback
  • The ways in developing people to be the best standard
  • Whole subject
  • Handling difficult conversations 
  • Learning about myself, my style and how everybody is different and how I may have to adapt my style to get the best out of others
  • Learning to overcome my reservations and be more open to group work and dealing with others
  • A refresher of previous learning
  • Greater awareness of my style and how to adapt to exceed workplace objectives

Project management training

Identified as a training need through the Training Needs Analysis (TNA) returns by department managers.

Three courses held in June, September & October 2015. 38 members of staff attended across the three courses.

Feedback on course subject, tutor and relevance to role has been excellent. One delegates comment – “ the most useful and enjoyable internal course I have attended.”

Time management training

Identified as a training need through the TNA returns by department managers.

Two course dates (October 2015 & January 2016) programmed with a third date added due to the popularity of the course and uptake.

43 members of staff committed to attend across the three courses

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