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Further develop the performance appraisal system

Further develop the performance appraisal system

Promotion of the performance management process and the importance of completing appraisals was undertaken via communications with the Leadership Group, the Director of People and Organisational Development Blogs and during the engagement programme rolled out to all managers within the organisation.

Appraisals were also covered during a “road show” event where training was delivered to all personnel on performance management. This has been well received from attendees with positive feedback including asking for further training on similar subjects more often.

The majority of employees participate in the annual performance management process which has allowed our focus to move towards quality assuring the process.

We capture training needs information from all employee appraisals and build this into our service wide Training Needs Analysis (TNA). From the TNA we are able to identify themes for training that would benefit all staff. Examples of these include project & time management training.

Raising awareness of appraisals and their importance will form part of the role of our “champions” being trained to facilitate and aid delivery of the organisations employee proposition.

BMKFA periodically tracks, and reports on, the number of completed appraisals that have been returned to the Human Resource department within a given time frame. Examples of these are shown below:








Following feedback from 2014/15, the appraisal paperwork and guidance notes were revised to streamline the process and make it easier for managers to use.

These changes were implemented as of March 2015 and include:

  1. The proposed grading structure.
  2. A revised process for determining evidence to support consideration of annual review elements of the revised pay and grading structure for support services staff; namely pay points.

The simplification and modification of the ‘behaviours’ section with consideration given both to streamlining and to varying between three levels (middle management, supervisory management, non-supervisory).

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