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2015 – 2016

Our performance at a glance


INJURY RATE - Increase from 50.9 to 51.1 Per 1000. 0
RIDDOR REPORTABLE INCIDENTS - Increase from 2 to 3 reports. 0
ACTS OF VIOLENCE - Increase from 0 to 1 report. 0


ACCIDENTS AND INJURIES - Decrease from 31 to 27 reports. 0
NEAR MISS INCIDENTS - Decrease from 15 to 14 reports. 0
VEHICLE DAMAGE - Decrease from 44 to 37 reports. 0
EQUIPMENT DAMAGE - Decrease from 44 to 37 reports. 0

Our Annual Incident Rates 

Total Employees
Total Number of Safety Events
Incident Rate

For 2015/16 the DCLG changed the criteria for reporting. Total employees now only includes operational personnel. There were twenty one injury safety events for the year for a total of 259 operational personnel which equates to 8108, a slight increase on last year’s figures.

How do we compare?

Our overall safety statistics

Health and safety performance statistics, produced by central government, highlight that nationally, of the forty five fire and rescue services, our Service holds eleventh position in the league table a truly great achievement for which our operational personnel should be commended.

Positioned 11 across all 45

UK fire and rescue services


  1. Greater London
  2. Cleveland
  3. Durham
  4. Tyne & Wear
  5. Nottinghamshire
  6. Shropshire
  7. West Midlands
  8. Derbyshire
  9. Merseyside
  10. Kent
  11. Buckinghamshire

Total number of persons injured

There has been a reduction this year in the total number of persons injured. We remain top of the league table. A testament to operational personnel of the continued dedication to ensuring the safety of themselves and others.

Positioned 1 across all 45

UK fire and rescue services


  1. Buckinghamshire
  2. Wiltshire
  3. Warwickshire
  4. Hereford and Worcester
  5. Oxfordshire
  6. West Sussex
  7. Dores
  8. Suffolk
  9. Northamptonshire
  10. Berkshire


Total Employees
Total Number of Safety Events
Incident Rate

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