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Apprenticeship familiarisation event to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week

Apprenticeship familiarisation event to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week

Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service celebrated National Apprenticeship Week with an Apprenticeship familiarisation event at Aylesbury Fire Station.

The organisation currently has 25 apprentices working in firefighting roles throughout Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes and in support staff roles at headquarters in Aylesbury.

A series of information and “hands-on” sessions took place on Saturday 11 March to showcase the work of these apprentices and to provide an insight into apprenticeship opportunities that Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service plans to offer in the future.

Chief Fire Officer Jason Thelwell said: “This was an excellent opportunity to find out more about a range of rewarding and respected roles in the community.

Attendees were able to learn about how we change people’s lives for the better every day, and how we do so much more than just putting out fires.

Apprenticeships are for everyone, not just younger people. We have already created a number of exciting opportunities for apprentices and we want to go on creating these opportunities.”

The event featured two firefighter familiarisation and practical sessions and an information session looking at support staff roles, current apprentices were available for attendees to talk to about their experiences and how they are finding their roles. The event was very successful with some excellent feedback from those who attended.

“This was a great opportunity to see exactly what being a fire fighter is all about, I can’t wait to reach 18 and be able to apply”

“I’d like to thank Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service for the opportunity to visit Aylesbury Fire Station. We were given the chance to see how an emergency is handled, use equipment and meet the duty crew.

I was given the chance use fire service equipment and see what tests need to successfully carried out which was highly beneficial as it gave me an insight to what standard of fitness I would need to be able to join the service. The crew I met were extremely friendly and open to any questions I had. This gave me a great understanding of the service and the apprenticeship scheme. It was useful meeting two of their current apprentices. They explained how the scheme works, the training involved and day to day life in the service. The familiarisation days, I feel, are valuable as you taught not only the physical standard but how to conduct yourself in service – polite, respectful and to follow instructions”

Further event dates will be published shortly.