Support staff on the incident ground

Support staff on the incident ground

An exciting opportunity is developing within BFRS which will see support members of staff providing additional support to their operational colleagues by responding to emergency incidents.

The Corporate Plan, approved in 2015 highlighted the need, where appropriate, to move to a flexible, mobile and affordable crewing system to support demand and risk-led people resourcing. It also documented the Authority’s commitment to adapting the employee proposition to optimise employee motivation, attract and retain the right calibre of high performing people

In order to continue to drive this proposition forward we have opened applications to support staff to be trained for an on-call response to incidents by support the crews through management of our Incident Command Unit, Operational Support Unit, and the Support Equipment Vehicle.

Incident command unit shot frmo a UAV

Our support staff will be trained to use these assets and respond to incidents as and when needed in order to facilitate our readiness to respond.