People Strategy


Provide alternative working

Provide alternative working

Prevention is better than cure

The Authority has published a fitness procedure for all operational staff and is committed to establishing a positive, well-being culture throughout the whole Service.  The procedure also encourages support services employees to be involved, as keeping fit and healthy throughout your life is very important. The procedure has appropriate mechanisms to ensure that employees keep to the required fitness standards throughout their careers.


There has been a lot of research around how we can adapt to support an ageing operational workforce in the future. This is why our People Strategy clearly sets out our intention to refocus and ensure older firefighters are fully utilised throughout their careers.

The head of Human Resources, Kerry McCafferty is heavily involved in this research which will cover, but is not limited to:

  • Support to maintain fitness in older workers
  • Support for psychological well-being for older workers
  • Support through the menopause, particularly for operational staff
  • Support for staff with responsibilities for both children and elderly parents
  • Inter-generational working
  • Planning for retirement
  • Impact of shift work on older workers
  • Management and motivation of older workers
  • Using the skills/knowledge of older workers


Wider range of services

The commitment to provide a wider range of services means that in future there will be more opportunity for alternative working arrangements for our employees and is an example of how we can become more resilient.


Reasonable adjustments to working arrangements in relation to learning disabilities

If an employee has a statement of educational needs relating to an identified learning disability, reasonable adjustments can be made to assessments, in normal day-to-day work and in learning and development situations (including completion of exams and development programmes).  The nature of the adjustments required will vary from person to person and it should never be assumed that a particular adjustment is appropriate for an individual.

Where a full assessment confirms that the employee has a disability, the Service will make every effort to implement the adjustments that are recommended where it is reasonable for them to do so, taking into account the nature of the employee’s duties, the impact of their disability, and the cost and practicality of the adjustment.

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