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Prepare for change

Prepare for change

 Securing a stable financial future

The CFO is working hard at a political level to secure a long term financial forecast. However, a range of scenarios have been modelled to effectively prepare for different financial positions.



Planning to our budget

This table from the Medium Term Financial Plan shows our predicted overall budget reduction over the next 5 years:


Workforce Planning

This model shows our projected operational establishment for the next five years, alongside our projected retirement profile and predicted other leavers. You can see from this model that we will need to plan to refresh the workforce to address future staff shortages:


Area reviews

This model demonstrates the establishment changes facilitated by the various reviews over the life of the Public Safety and Corporate Plans.


Apprenticeships will meet the staffing gap

This model shows the planned establishment over the life of the Public Safety Plan with the introduction of apprentices to address the forecast staffing gap:


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