Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service

Resourcing our people

Strategic resourcing assists effective organisational management by identifying potential changes and implementing improvements in advance. This ensures the Authority can plan for the future and will manage the Service to meet Public Safety Plan goals.


Over the next five years we will develop and implement a Resourcing Strategy, enabling us to:

Prepare for change

It is vital that we can effectively plan for the future. We use a variety of means to expertly scan the horizon, looking for internal and external influences which will affect the way we work. This is a proactive and forward-thinking approach which allows us to target funds where they are most needed, invest in our staff and see obstacles before they arrive at our door.

New ways of working
Flexible working practices
Alternative working
Collaboration and secondment
Design the future
Engage with workforce
Diversify services
Support equality and diversity

Our latest resourcing updates

Urban Search and Rescue (USAR)

By People Admin | 23rd November 2016
Centrally located, outside of London with quick and easy access via the trunk road network, we are able to provide an excellent response to the South-East, the Midlands and reach into London. This can offer greater resilience than USAR team’s…