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Letter of thanks to Beaconsfield Crews

Letter of thanks to Beaconsfield Crews

Last Tuesday Beaconsfield Blue Watch hosted the local Beaver Group and assisted with the children gaining their “Safety Activity Badge”

Evening Carl

A huge Thank You to you and Ant for hosting the 4th Beaconsfield Beavers (and a few cubs and Klingons) last night. We all thought the session was amazing.

Everyone we met at the Station was lovely. THANK YOU!!

Thanks also for covering all the Badge elements and for all the literature. Each Beaver took home 4 items!

We have asked the Beavers to do homework – we would like them to talk to their parents and plot their escape route on the sheet. The Leaders will mark them all when handed in. 😊

Hopefully some parents will also contact the fire service about Smoke Alarm checks / replacements.

Attached is a THANK YOU (Photo Montage) from the Beavers that can be printed out for the Station!






Here’s an extract from our weekly email:

Wow. What a great session! We had 2 Fire Fighters looking after us last night. Carl, Watch Commander, and Fire Fighter Ant!

Both were lovely and were really good with the Beavers.

After registration, we went into the Station itself! In the Mess Room, we heard the warning bell and learnt about a number of Safety issues – not just Fire. These are specifically things needed for the Challenge/Activity Badges.

Home Safety

Water Safety

Emergency phone number – 999, 112

Back downstairs we got to look at the Breathing Apparatus, and Squirrel got dressed up as a Fire Fighter!!

We then split into 2 groups to look around the Fire Engine and to squirt water from the hose (before swapping over).

Finally, we all got to sit in the Fire Engine.

Each Beaver should have come home with some leaflets: Fire Safety, Water Safety, Emergency escape route and Smoke Alarms.

If you have not had your Smoke Alarms tested/checked or replaced recently then please do consider filling in the form for a FREE Check and maybe, even new Smoke Alarms. I had mine done (new alarms) a couple of years ago by simply filling in the form!! I got 3 lovely Fire Fighters at my door – and the Fire Engine parked outside. Boys loved it.

Please do take the time to go through these booklets with your Beaver. There is some information / advice in there that will surprise you – and it might even save your life one day. We hope it doesn’t come to that but the Scout Motto is “BE PREPARED.”

We would like the Beavers to do some Homework relating to this session. We would like them to do an ESCAPE PLAN!

Please discuss as a family and draw an escape plan / route out of your house in case of fire.


Tuesday Leaders

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