People Strategy


Our equality and diversity objectives

Our equality and diversity objectives

Our overall strategic objective is to employ the best people. We will do this by:


Recruiting, engaging and retaining the most high-performing, highly motivated people regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation.

Aiming, over time, to employ a workforce that is more representative of the county’s working-age population.



In support of our workforce diversity aims we have developed clear objectives over the next 4 years to:


  • Increase the number of females employed, with a focus on operational employees, by promoting the employment of females and providing fair access to opportunities where there are any, i.e. retained recruitment and the intention to create more opportunities for flexible working as a retention tool.
  • Encourage and actively promote employment applications from all groups in the community. Our aim is to increase the number of BME’s employed to better reflect the proportion of the community we serve.
  • Aim to better reflect the age profiles of the community we serve. We will do this through our three-year apprenticeship programme and by focusing on the aging workforce aspects of the people strategy.
  • Ensure that our recruitment and selection process are non-discriminatory and encourage applications from all groups in the community.
  • Ensure all employees have fair access to learning and development opportunities.
  • Provide a safe and accessible working environment that values and respects the identity and culture of each person.
  • Ensure that access to information and data is as open and transparent as possible.
  • Create a culture and working environment free from discrimination, harassment and violence.
  • Ensure effective communication with, and involvement of, all employees.
  • Ensure that pay and benefits are applied consistently and free from any form of bias.
  • Encourage and support all employees to reach their potential.
  • Make equality and diversity training compulsory for new employees at their induction and review at two-yearly intervals.
  • Ensure that 100 per cent of employees evidence delivery of their specific equality and diversity improvements via the appraisal process within two years. Audit a minimum of 10 percent to ensure consistency and benchmarking.
  • Ensure all line managers complete performance management training in appropriate procedures and best practice in; Discipline, Anti Bullying and Harassment, Grievance and Capability.
  • Review processes and update the People Impact Assessment (PIA) Procedure and provide training to those responsible for improve workforce profile statistics by improving existing rates of reporting completing PIAs.
  • Improve workforce profile statistics by improving existing rates of reporting.
  • Further the engagement of employees and identify and train Diversity Champions to form an Equality and Diversity Advisory Group containing members who either have a protected characteristic or an active interest in equality and diversity.



In order to meet our legislative requirements and ensure that no group is disadvantaged in applying and undertaking employment, we will monitor:


  • Recruitment and selection
  • Number of employees in post
  • Training
  • Promotions
  • Harassment and discrimination complaints and other grievances
  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Starters and leavers
  • Performance management



Drive down fires and incidents and help to deliver fire safety messages


To be more effective in prevention measures and community development work – making communities safer.



To improve our equipment and procedures


Understanding diversity improves equipment for all.



Gain public trust


  • Increase public appreciation and improve relationships within our communities.
  • Build our reputation: ‘Be the best that we can be’ – have pride in the service.
  • To enrich understanding of the community and help engage with communities.
  • Because the job has changed and will continue to change – it’s about thinking widely and opening people’s minds so that we can secure the future.
  • The more diverse the service is, the more the corporate image will change. Change in perception of the service by the community will improve public image of the organisation which will be associated with a ‘wider force for good’.
  • With diversity comes knowledge, expertise and skills.
  • We can only get the fully diverse skills, competencies and experiences that the fire and rescue service needs by employing a variety of staff from all the communities we serve.
  • Diversity is important from a legal and moral standpoint.
  • Diversity makes business sense – the commercial aspect – effective partnerships and community working is good business practice.

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