People Strategy


How to contribute to the People Strategy

How to contribute to the People Strategy

Our People Strategy demonstrates how Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Fire Authority (BMKFA) will create the environment to optimise the engagement, commitment and professionalism of all our people to achieve the Authority’s Vision, Aims, Priorities and Objectives that are set out in the Public Safety and Corporate Plans.

This innovative approach with an interactive format encourages all stakeholders to engage and buy-in. It demonstrates how the strategic aims are translated into day-to-day business, highlighting the great work that is happening all around the Service. We put together a video to outline how easy it is to contribute to the voice.


If you want to contribute, fill out the form below:



We will make you an account, and the training video above shows you how to contribute.

A few things to think about before making your first article:

  1. Does this highlight an achievement by my watch, station, department?
  2. Have you, your department or a peer been nominated and won an award for the service or themselves?
  3. Do you have a case study showing development or community engagement?

A contribution to the People Strategy is not limited to just these things. A panel of editors will read through your submission and make a few formatting edits / review your submission before approving the submission.

Becoming a contributor to the People Strategy is limited to email addresses.

Make a comment

We have enabled comments on the articles. This is to allow us to get your feedback, and your voice to the People Strategy. Our panel of editors also review comments before they are approved.

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