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Child obesity

Child obesity

Buckingham Fire Station personnel are currently planning two initiatives to help tackle the growing child obesity problem.

The first initiative will target key stage two children who will attend the Fire Station as part of their curriculum to be given basic nutritional guidance by one of our physical training instructors. The children will then participate in some physical “fire-related” activity with the Crew. The goal is to use the firefighter brand to engage with children to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

There has been huge interest from the local schools and this initiative will be commencing in 2016.

The second initiative is aimed at older children (13-17) and is a more structured course, again aimed at promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Children of this age group are naturally starting to make their own choices regarding their own lifestyles, so this is an excellent opportunity to engage with them. This course is designed on a referral basis in collaboration with the local NHS Child Obesity lead. It will run over eight weeks (two hours per week) and is an excellent example of using the Fire Service brand to improve the lives of the local community.

We have also approached another school to target 18-19 year old pupils who can assist in the facilitation of the courses we are running at Buckingham as part of their own development, in preparation for university or employment.

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