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CFOA ageing workforce research participation

CFOA ageing workforce research participation

There has been a lot of research around how we can adapt to support an ageing operational workforce in the future. This is why our People Strategy clearly sets out our intention to refocus and ensure older Fire-fighters are fully utilised throughout their careers.

Our Head of Human Resources is a member of the CFOA working group, tasked to research the future of an ageing workforce. The research sets out to face the issues and will include, but is not limited to:

  • Support to maintain fitness in older workers
  • Support for psychological well-being for older workers
  • Support through the menopause, particularly for operational staff
  • Support for staff with responsibilities for both children and elderly parents
  • Inter-generational working
  • Planning for retirement
  • Impact of shift work on older workers
  • Management and motivation of older workers.




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