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Operational crew visit Thames Valley Fire Control

Operational crew visit Thames Valley Fire Control

On Wednesday the 19th of April 2017, Beaconsfield Fire station On-Call unit visited Thames Valley Fire Control to meet the control operators and get a better idea of how emergency calls are taken and the services assets are mobilised across all three counties (Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire).

The crew were shown how the mobilising system works and whilst we were there we were lucky enough to experiance a high volume of emergency calls. The Crew listened to a number of emergency calls, gaining first hand experiencing of how the call operators worked together in a professional and calm manor to manage the calls effectively. The call operators are dedicated and work in a very dynamic and challenging environment, similar to a frontline firefighter. In only a short period of two hours the control room took 12 calls to various different incident types including:-

  • Persons reported flat fire
  • Persons reported house fire
  • Cooker fire
  • Animal rescue
  • Commercial property fire

An excellent insight for the operational crew to gain a greater appreciation of the important role a control room operator plays in managing emergency incidents.


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