Recruiting, Retaining and Employing a Diverse Workforce

Recruiting, Retaining and Employing a Diverse Workforce

The bellow is a summary from our Fire Authority Agenda report year two update to BFRS Equality objectives. This subject covers recruiting, retaining and employing a diverse workforce.

  • Officers actively look to improve networks in the community to increase awareness of the diversity needs of the communities we serve.
  • Recruitment Plan created with a particular priority to attract and retain a diverse workforce by encouraging and actively promoting employment applications from all groups in the community and, in particular, Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) and females.
  • Apprentice Recruitment – structured approach to apprentice recruitment with the aim of attracting a diverse pool of applicants.
  • The Authority’s innovative apprenticeship programme provides an excellent opportunity to improve the diversity make-up of the Authority. Targeted “have a go” days were organised for female and ethnic minority applicants and further dates are being organised.
  • Following our first apprenticeship recruitment where it proved difficult to attract females, we seconded an operational female firefighter into the role of Resourcing  officer. She maintained personal contact with females throughout the attraction & recruitment process, offering advice and providing training tips to help with the physical tests. Albeit a small group, 25 per cent of the apprentices recruited in Cohort 2 were female, compared to the previous year’s 9 per cent.
  • An E-Recruitment portal was implemented to ensure a modern recruitment process and to allow easier access to information about the Service, the roles available, and a modern candidate experience. This reduces time, and is efficient and cost effective.
  • “A day in the life of a firefighter” video created.
  • Additional target-specific videos are being scoped and created.
  • Recruitment information area is on intranet/People Strategy.
  • Application sifting introduced where information on protected characteristics is removed, and a range of stakeholders have a hand in selecting candidates.
  • Comprehensive recruitment and selections policies in place.

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