Organisational and individual learning and development

Organisational and individual learning and development

EDI online training in place. This is mandatory at induction and repeated regularly by all employees.

Managers are trained in people management, including skills such as how to have difficult conversations, to ensure they all recognise their responsibilities in promoting an inclusive culture.

All employees have an annual appraisal, where their commitment to EDI is an essential element. Quality assurance of appraisal returns is undertaken to identify themes, and to assist with business training requirements.

77 per cent of employees had recorded appraisals in 2017/2018, against 63 percent in
2016/2017. This is a significant year on year improvement. New employees who follow a probationary period are not included for the full year and apprenticeships and are tracked separately. Management information is provided and we continuously aim for 100 per cent completion. When the new electronic appraisal system is introduced during 2019, new employees and apprenticeships will be incorporated into the statistics.

Performance management training in appropriate procedures and best practice in
discipline, anti-bullying and harassment, grievance and capability for new managers, and those that missed last year’s sessions.

There is training for Diversity Champions so they are empowered to challenge the Authority to strive for future improvements in EDI.