Revised pay policy

Revised pay policy

Revised pay policy

The Authority strives to provide a modern employment proposition to support demand. A revised Pay Policy Statement 2016/2017 has been approved by the full Authority and recognises that new employees may be employed on terms and conditions outside of the Grey Book. The Authority also recognises that employees in existing Firefighter roles may want to agree rates of pay outside of the Grey Book for the protection of services and provision of enhanced resilience.

  1. Accountability

Decisions on pay policies will be taken by elected members – those who are directly accountable to local communities. We will ensure that all democratically accountable members have a significant input into how decisions on pay are made and that we are open about the policies that determine those decisions.

Our annual Pay Policy Statements and any amendments to them will be considered by a meeting of the Fire Authority and will not be delegated to any sub-committee. In scheduling such meetings, we will act in accordance with our responsibilities under part 5A of the Local Government Act 1972. However, we note that the Secretary of State does not consider that any of the grounds for exclusion of the public would be met for discussions of Pay Policy Statements. Such meetings should therefore be open to the public and should not exclude observers. All decisions on pay and reward for chief officers must comply with the current Pay Policy Statement.

The Fire Authority will be offered the opportunity to vote before salary packages (£100,000 plus) are offered in respect of a new appointment. For this purpose, salary packages should include salary, any bonuses, fees or allowances routinely payable to the appointee and any benefits in kind to which the officer is entitled as a result of their employment.

  1. Transparency

Our Pay Policy Statement along with our approach to the publication of and access to information relating to remuneration will be published on our website.

Although we are not required to use our Pay Policy Statement to publish specific numerical data on pay and reward, we will consider how the information within the Pay Policy Statement fits with that data on pay and reward that we publish separately.

This includes that data required to be published under the Code of Recommended Practice for Local Authorities on Data Transparency and by the Accounts and Audit (England) Regulations 2011.

  1. Fairness

We will ensure that decisions about senior pay are taken in the context of similar decisions on lower paid staff salaries and that the relationship between those decisions is considered. We will consider our proposals for the pay relationship between the remuneration of chief officers and employees who are not chief officers.

We will publish our pay multiple – the ratio between the highest paid employee and the mean average earnings and the lowest paid across the Fire and Rescue Service.

We will set out our approach to the award of other elements of remuneration including bonuses, performance related pay as well as severance payments.




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