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Make people accountable

Make people accountable

Performance appraisals

The performance appraisal includes an objective setting process. The Corporate Plan has key objectives and should be used to support the alignment of personal objectives with the corporate strategy. This way each employee can see how their objectives are aligned.

Throughout the year it is important that employees discuss with their manager and record how their performance is to be measured, with expected outcomes from these measures through regular 1-1 meetings.

The process will measure performance at the end of the year, clearly demonstrating the outcomes of each employee’s year. This ensures there is accountability at all levels of the organisation.

Manager training in case management

Employees at all levels of the service are accountable to maintaining the Authority’s values as a public body. Managers will sometimes need to make decisions and have difficult conversations to ensure high standards are maintained across the service. There are ranges of case management procedures in place to effectively maintain required standards. Ensuring managers can apply these procedures appropriately and timely is important, as mismanagement leads to unnecessary pressures and strain on all those involved.

All managers are required to undergo training to ensure they are aware of current performance management policies and procedures.  They enable managers to apply performance management procedures (attendance management, discipline, capability, grievance, anti-bullying and harassment) in an appropriate and consistent manner, and comply with employee rights and best practice.

A programme of internal training commenced for middle managers during 2014 and continued with training delivered to supervisory managers during 2015/16.

An eLearning package is being developed  to all managers who are engaged in change management programmes.

This training initiative has led to service-wide improvements in case management.

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