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Joint Consultation Forum

Joint Consultation Forum

Joint Consultation Forum

The Joint Consultation Forum plays an important role in informing and consulting employees, but the organisation will continue to use a range of other established communication and consultation tools to gauge employee opinions and to disseminate information (such as the weekly team briefings, email and intranet). The Joint Consultation Forum is not intended to replace these mechanisms, but to complement them.

The objective of the Joint Consultation Forum is to continuously improve organisational performance by developing greater trust and increased job satisfaction through employee engagement. Jointly examining and discussing issues of mutual interest and seeking acceptable solutions to problems through a genuine exchange of views and information to improve organisational performance.

During the Joint Consultation Forum meetings the employee representatives and management jointly examine and discuss issues of mutual interest with a view to reaching agreement through consultation to resolve differences if, and when, they occur.

Consultation takes place on subjects such as:

  • Fire cover
  • Procedures
  • Transfer of undertakings
  • New technology
  • Staffing reviews
  • Functional reviews
  • Working practices.

Notable changes brought about by the Joint Consultation Forum as a result of consultation include: various changes to human resource procedures, significant changes to the leave procedure, as well as management being more flexible by lessening restrictions on time that leave can be booked, in order to increase job satisfaction.

The Joint Consultation Forum currently meets every six to twelve weeks.

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