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Our employee engagement

Effective employee relations seek to gain stakeholder commitment to the achievement of the Authority’s goals and objectives, and to establish and maintain an environment where the workforce has the information required to undertake their role effectively and efficiency through appropriate communication channels. It also seeks to build and reinforce effective working relationships with staff, trade unions and staff representatives, ensuring the Authority is able to deliver its objectives.

Employee engagement strategy

Over the next five years we will develop and implement an employee engagement strategy, enabling us to: 

Effectively communicate

Excellent employee relations seek to gain stakeholder commitment to the achievement of the Authority’s goals and objectives in an ongoing changing environment. By adopting a clear and transparent approach, coupled with effective communication channels, employees will not feel like they have been kept in the dark and will feel more inclined to participate in shaping the future of the Service through constructive dialogue with their managers.

Terms and conditions
Reward our people
Employee involvement
Build trust

Our latest employee engagement updates

Regular consultation with employees

By People Admin | 23rd November 2016
Regular consultation with employees The Authority believes in giving employees a voice in the business and recognises that effective consultation and information exchange are essential to fully engage employees in the business and its strategic objectives and to develop a…

Revised pay policy

By People Admin | 23rd November 2016
Revised pay policy The Authority strives to provide a modern employment proposition to support demand. A revised Pay Policy Statement 2016/2017 has been approved by the full Authority and recognises that new employees may be employed on terms and conditions…

Make people accountable

By People Admin | 23rd November 2016
Performance appraisals The performance appraisal includes an objective setting process. The Corporate Plan has key objectives and should be used to support the alignment of personal objectives with the corporate strategy. This way each employee can see how their objectives…

Joint Consultation Forum

By People Admin | 23rd November 2016
Joint Consultation Forum The Joint Consultation Forum plays an important role in informing and consulting employees, but the organisation will continue to use a range of other established communication and consultation tools to gauge employee opinions and to disseminate information…

Build a culture of trust

By People Admin | 23rd November 2016
Senior Management Board – manager workshops During 2015, the Senior Management Board (SMB) implemented a series of manager workshops. These workshops were designed to create a more informed workforce, improve communications and encourage ideas for innovation. The workshops cascaded through…


By People Admin | 23rd November 2016
A new culture of shadowing has been promoted by the Senior Management Board and is an initiative allowing any member of staff to experience the service from a different angle. This initiative has been very successful with employees from all…

Performance relating to pay and development centres

By People Admin | 23rd November 2016
Our performance appraisal process now links to reward and recognition. A decision on remuneration regarding Additional Responsibility Allowance (ARA), honorarium, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and incremental pay increases can now be made as part of this process. If a manager wishes…

Long Service Awards

By People Admin | 23rd November 2016
On Friday 30th September over 70 people were invited to be recognised for their outstanding contribution to our Service during 2016. 21 of which were invited to be awarded their Long Service and Good Conduct Medals. Recognising each individual for…

SAFE Awards

By People Admin | 23rd November 2016
Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service took the decision in 2015 to introduce a series of awards which allowed members of the community and colleagues to recognise members of staff for exceptional service and excellence. The awards were advertised internally and externally…