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A full suite of examination papers was held on the 3rd October 2016 and Buckinghamshire managed the centre for this in which one delegate attended from another service.

These examinations were held at the Holiday Inn, Aylesbury. Due to the large numbers that the Service needed to accommodate, we needed a venue that allowed us a to run examinations for candidates with reasonable adjustments simultaneously. This also allowed a comfortable setting for candidates with coffee and refreshments available, as well as a place to study prior to the examination if they wished. Examination tables were kindly lent to us by Aylesbury College.

Below are the numbers of individuals who sat the papers held by IFE on the 3rd October 2016:



Number of personnel  Number of papers sat
Firefighter on-call 1 4
Firefighter specialist 2 3
Firefighter wholetime 11 18
Crew Commander on-call 1 1
Crew Commander specialist 2 2
Crew Commander wholetime 6 9
Watch Commander wholetime 1 1
Station Commander 1 3



Feedback received from candidates stated that the centre was run smoothly and efficiently, with appreciation given to the facilities to study in advance if required and candidates recommended keeping the same venue for future examinations in Buckinghamshire.

This venue has been booked ready for the next IFE examinations in March 2017.

IFE exam tutoring to support studying for the Fire Science examinations was offered to candidates. This was offered at a reduced cost, taking place at the Royal Latin School in Buckingham.


During 2014 – 2015 and as part of the development centre process, a pilot process was trialled which recognised the IFE examinations for the technical knowledge module of our development centres.

The pilot ended in May 2015 and due to the successful uptake and the commitment shown by staff sitting these exams, and in line with our Promotions and Qualifications procedure, the IFE qualifications will now be used as the current method for testing the technical knowledge module of the development centre process. The IFE qualifications, at their respective levels will form the gateway for future participants of development centres.

The first exams were held in March 2015 and we had 39 applicants across all three qualifications.

In addition BMKFRS was awarded centre status for the IFE, with a view to holding future exams at our HQ.

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