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Our people, Our future.

Welcome to our People Strategy (2016-2020).

This site is designed to give you an understanding of how we are continually looking to move our workforce forward in line with the Service’s visions, aims and priorities.

We hope that in looking around these pages, you will get to know us better and find examples of some of the achievements and successes of our people over the lifetime of this strategy.

People Strategy

The strategy is broken into five key areas where we evidence successes against our improvement criteria.

Our strategy

Key challenges

The challenges for the Authority over the next five years are well documented within the Public Safety Plan and  Corporate Plan. These plans demonstrate our commitment to delivering consistent improvement, as well as taking a fresh look at how we deliver our services.

Our Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP) identifies the financial resources required, projected into the future based on the delivery of specific aims and objectives as set out in the Public Safety Plan and Corporate Plan.

Together these plans establish a responsibility to diversify the services we provide and how we provide them, to proactively look for collaboration opportunities and to become more flexible, ensuring we can deliver our vision in new and exciting ways.

The best way to meet these challenges is by having the most high performing and highly motivated people. Our people must feel that they can engage and provide a valuable contribution to making improvements, no matter what role they undertake within the Service.

Employee proposition

Measuring success

Our vision, our aim,
and our priorities


Our vision

Our vision is that Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes are the safest areas in England in which to live, work and travel.


Our aim

To optimise the contribution and well-being of our people.


Our priorities

  • Adapt and refresh the workforce to improve service delivery, resilience and deliver Public Safety Plan outcomes.
  • Where appropriate move to flexible, affordable and local terms and conditions to support demand and risk-led people resourcing.
  • Ensure the People Strategy, employment policy, supporting contracts and workforce capacity and capability systems are established to support demand and risk-led people resourcing.
  • Adapt the employee proposition to optimise employee motivation, attract and retain the right calibre, high performing people.
  • Ensure utmost well-being of our people

The framework

Equality, diversity and inclusion

We aim to provide a safe and accessible working environment that values and respects the identity and culture of each person. We insist on a culture and working environment that is free from discrimination, harassment and violence.

Employee engagement

Effective employee engagement seeks to gain everyone’s commitment to help achieve our goals and objectives.

We aim to establish and maintain an environment where our workforce has the information required to undertake its role effectively and efficiently through appropriate communication channels.

We also seek to ensure effective working relationships with staff, trade unions and staff representatives.


Strategic resourcing assists effective organisational management by identifying potential changes and implementing improvements in advance.

This ensures we can plan for the future and will manage the Service to meet the Public Safety Plan goals.

Talent management

Talent management is the systematic attraction, identification, development, engagement, retention and deployment of individuals who are of value to an organisation, either in view of their ‘high potential’ for the future or because they are fulfilling business/operation-critical roles.

Talent consists of those individuals who can make a difference to organisational performance either through their immediate contribution, by developing their strengths or, in the longer-term, by demonstrating the highest levels of potential.

  • Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development


Employee well-being creates an environment to promote a state of contentment which allows an employee to flourish and achieve their full potential for the benefit of themselves and their organisation.

  • Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

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